Caravan Insurance

A Few Words On Caravan Insurance

Do you own a caravan? Caravans assure amazing memories of travel with family and friends together. Now, the question comes whether or not to take to caravan insurance? First of all, it’s not legally mandatory to get the specific insurance coverage for your caravan. Thus, a lot of caravan owners are in a dilemma whether it would be worth it to invest effort in finding a caravan insurance policy for them. The fact is that whilst towing, the caravans are often covered by the owner’s motor policy. However, when the vehicle is uncoupled, the case is not so. With the latest caravans costing up to £24,000 and even more, it seems sensible to get caravan insurance.

Here is a brief on some factors for opting for caravan insurance:

Caravan theft

It’s becoming a widespread affair these days and according to some reports, more than 3,000 touring caravans are targeted annually.Most caravan insurance policies have provisions for “new-for-old” caravan replacement which will support you in case the vehicle gets stolen. As you report about your stolen vehicle to your insurer, they will bear the cost of getting a new vehicle for you.

Coverage for personal items

You carry a lot of personal items in your caravan and most of them are really useful. When you are carrying this equipment or even appliances on your vacation in the caravan, these items won’t be covered under your home insurance policy. A caravan insurance policy may offer coverage for different functional items within the vehicle like gas cylinders, camping gears etc.

Coverage for damages from natural disasters

Storm & flood damage are getting more & more common these days. The recent years in the UK we have witnessed some very unusual weather states and terrible flooding at many camp sites. Caravans are obviously used for camping and hence are often exposed to natural disasters which could mean serious damage to the vehicle. Caravan insurance policies may offer your vehicle coverage on damages from these natural disasters.

Emergency accommodation

Your caravan is your hotel on wheels but what if it gets damaged somehow on the way and you are forced to stay somewhere else all of a sudden? Well, in such situations, a caravan insurance policy may save you with its coverage for emergency lodging expenses.

Different types of caravan insurance:

There are primarily 3 forms of caravan coverage:

  • Static insurance - As the name suggests, this form of caravan insurance is for vehicles fixed in a location, say holiday parks.
  • Touring insurance - It can include coverage like “New-for-old” caravan replacement as well as European cover.
  • Trailer rent & folding camper coverage – Again, this can include a lot of things such as “New-for-old” caravan replacement, European cover, coverage for weather-borne damage to the awnings as well as coverage for all-year touring & storage.

What policy features you should ideally have in your caravan coverage policy?

Your caravan insurance should include the following policy features:

  • Coverage for valuables inside the vehicle & awning
  • Family & friends cover
  • European cover
  • Coverage for accidental damage
  • Coverage for storm damage

Driving test

A lot of caravan owners ask whether they have to pass a separate driving test to tow their caravans. Well, in case you had your car driving test after or on January 1, 1997 & you wish to tow your caravan- then you must take another test which is officially termed as B+E test.

Exclusions on your caravan insurance

A caravan insurance policy might come up with some exclusions. Thus, before you take out your insurance deal, make sure to check out certain things in the small print:

  • Restriction on age of the caravan
  • Mechanical & electrical breakdown
  • Contents cover in case there isn’t any forced entry
  • Mildew damage
  • Vermin damage
  • Wear & tear
  • In case the caravan is used to trade stuff

How to lower your caravan insurance

There are various ways by which you can achieve lower premium on caravan insurance-

Ensure a safe caravan

The level of security you have on your caravan plays a huge role in determining the insurance premium. A caravan equipped with a good number of security features would usually achieve lower rates than a regular one with just basic or standard safety features. There are different ways by which you can make your vehicle more secure –

  • Clamping the wheels while the van is static
  • Install latest safety features like alarms & tracking systems
  • Use a hitch lock for the tow bar while the van is stationary
  • Install security tags & steady locks for the rear part of the touring caravan
Secured storage

This is another important point when it comes to assuring lower premium on your caravan insurance. You might not know but storage location of the van affects the insurance premium as well. Look for the sites that are affiliated to CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association). They assess every site & award gold, silver or bronze accreditations based on measures devised to prevent theft & fire.

Club memberships

This is an industry secret which is not known to many caravan owners. If you hold memberships with a national caravan club, you could be able to earn some level of discount on your caravan coverage.

Higher excess

If you are ready to pay a higher excess, your premiums will usully be lower. However, it’s important to make sure that your set excess amount is not beyond your affordability.

Age of the driver

The age of the driver is also considered while determining the insurance premium. Younger drivers are often viewed as prone to rash driving leading to accidents and claims. However older drivers are sometimes considered generally more mature and sensible on-road which reduces chances of accidents and claims. Thus, the insurance companies are often ready to offer lower premiums if the primary driver is around 40 or more.