Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance In The UK

Like most, you probably put great effort into planning holidays but it’s too easy to overlook the need of getting travel insurance. It’s wonderful to explore a foreign land but then again when you are travelling to a new place there is always the risk of illnesses or accidents, and this is where your travel insurance comes in.

Why do you need travel insurance?

To start with, travel insurance provides peace of mind for the travelers, reassurance that they would be taken care of in case any mishap happens to them in a strange location. The insurance policy definitely cannot help you to avoid the misfortunes during your travel but it can arrange for any needed support including monetary compensation.

Benefits of travel insurance

There are several benefits of taking a travel insurance policy. These may include-

Financial recovery of medical expenses

If you fall ill during your travel and have to take up medical treatment in a foreign land, the insurance policy will cover the cost of the medical treatments. Clinical expenses can be really pricey in some places & if you sustain severe injuries, you could be left with a large bill. However, when you are protected by travel insurance, your total medical expense could be reimbursed by your insurance agency.

Your travel insurance policy would even cover emergency medical evacuation so that you don’t have to bear the cost of emergency transportation for medical reasons while on travel. If you fall ill on a tour whilst visiting a remote location you might find you have to travel to the nearest clinical facility for adequate treatment. The travel insurance policy is not just confined to your place of travel but would even look after your emergency transportation needs.

Help in AD&D situations

It’s hard to consider but severe accidents during travel might cost you a part of your body or even your life in the most unfortunate situations. But when you have a travel insurance policy, the coverage will help you with considerable monetary compensation to aid you in your recovery. In the worst possible case when a person loses his or her life while traveling, the compensation would be passed on to their beneficiary to help them during a terrible time.

Repatriation of the remains

Of course, in a situation where a traveler has lost their life, it’s really costly to transport the remains to their home country. Travel insurance policies can help cover the high expenses of repatriation of the remains from a foreign place.

Lost luggage

Missing or lost luggage is no less than a nightmare for any traveler. In case, you accidentally end up with such a mishap- your travel insurance could cover the loss of checked luggage to make the situation a little more bearable and compensate you.

Travel assistance services

Travel insurance comes up with the assurance of a wide range of travel assistance services like replacement of prescription drugs, replacement of credit cards, translation services & so on.

Coverage against trip interruption & trip cancellation

At times, an emergency situation might need you to cut short or cancel your trip. It could be a serious incident in the country you are visiting or an issue in your home country. Regardless of the reason, a trip cancellation or interruption can cost you a huge amount most of the time. But, your travel insurance coverage would ensure that you get considerable compensation for the losses incurred from trip interruption & cancellation.

Other benefits

The many other coverage benefits that you enjoy as a travel insurance policy holder can include cover for travel delay, personal liability, travel operator default, legal expenses and more depending on the policy you chose to take.

What to look for in your insurance policy?

You may wish to make sure that the policy has cover for the following:

  • Trip curtailment
  • Trip cancellation
  • Stolen, damaged or lost personal belongings
  • Personal liability
  • Emergency clinical expense & repatriation
  • Personal accident
  • Travel delay
  • Legal expenses


Which insurance policy would you need?

It can be difficult to choose the right policy for you but the ideal policy for you would depend on your traveling frequency, your destinations, trip duration & your companions.

Single trip insurance

It’s an economical option if you take 1 or maximum 2 trips a year. The single trip policy is great for both long and short breaks & the coverage could be tailored based on your travel dates & destination. People who are 65+ would be easily accepted for this type of travel insurance policy. Most of the single trip policies allow coverage for up to 8 people under one single policy.

Annual multi-trip insurance

The annual policy is especially meant for frequent travelers & could offer coverage for as many as 365 days. Here you will have the liberty to travel as many times as you want & there is no need to arrange for a cover each time you fly. In fact, the annual policy is often a cheaper option for those that take more than two holidays a year. Travelers here have the option to choose from family, couple or individual policy types. The adults insured under the family or couple policy, can travel separately but children below 18 should be accompanied by adults while traveling under their policy. These policies are offered on the basis of travel destinations & are priced accordingly.

  • The cheapest is coverage for European destinations
  • A medium range option covers a worldwide travel, excluding the Caribbean, the USA & Canada
  • The most expensive type is Worldwide Travel and it also includes tours to the Caribbean, the USA & Canada

Policies might include limitations on the durations of your trips. Thus, if you have plans for a prolonged trip, it’s wise to read the small print about the duration limit of your chosen policy.