Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Are you a proud owner of one or more classic cars? You must be the envy of all your friends. You, more than many other drivers, will understand the value of having the right cover in place for it – and your regular car insurance won’t be adequate here. The experts always advise to take specialist classic car insurance as such an insurance policy is specially designed for vintage wheels. Your classic collection is a special one and thus deserves specialty coverage.

What kind of vehicles are covered

Not every form of vehicle would be covered by classic car insurance. There are 3 categories of cars which qualify for this special coverage.

  • Veterans- For vehicles that were manufactured before or on December 1904.
  • Edwardian- Covering vehicles that were made between January 1905 & December 1918.
  • Limited- Those vehicles that are rare or special interest vehicles or limited editions.

It’s to note here that 1970s witnessed a staggering rise in vehicle manufacturing but not every vehicle manufactured prior to 1974 would be categorized under Classic cars. The tag often only applies to foreign sports vehicles, convertibles, 2-door sports vehicles, some 4-door sedans as well as vehicles with large V8 block engines.


You must know that if you use your classic vehicle for regular use, it won’t qualify for classic car insurance, even if it’s a rare car. The classic collections that are only used on limited basis would qualify for this specialty car insurance. Some policies limit the vehicle’s use to parades, shows or club events. Other policies might be tad more flexible and allow a little bit of pleasure driving as well. In regards to annual mileage limitations, its often seen that limitations between 2,500 miles to 5,000 miles a year are imposed however this is dependent on the insurer and the vehicle being insured.

It’s to note here, your classic car won’t qualify for this specialty insurance if it’s used for transporting goods or passengers.

The driver factor

When it comes to classic car insurance for your vintage asset, the age of the driver is a major factor. Your classic steam is something very special and often demands expert handling to minimize the risk factor. The insurance companies will usually approve drivers who are or above 25 years of age however some policies do not allow drivers less than 30 years of age. Moreover, classic auto insurance providers are also strict about driving history & experience of the drivers. It’s needless to say they would prefer a driver with sound driving education and a clean record in most instances. However, some insurers might allow children of the classic vehicle owners to handle the steering, provided they carry fantastic driving records.

Mind the storage

The insurance providers would also count the storage aspect of the car to approve the classic car insurance for your vintage wheel. If you are looking to qualify here, you should consider where you park your car. Maybe you store yours inside a locked secured garage. Sometimes, cars parked outside won’t be eligible unless efforts are made to protect the vehicles from theft. In fact, some insurance providers prefer classic steams in special storage facilities that are specifically made to store these special vehicles. Did you know that some classic car insurance providers advise their clients to heat up the garage in colder months for optimum storage?

Why to go for a classic car insurance

Well, those who are passionate about the classic vehicles are pretty aware that it’s no cheap hobby. But, classic car insurance coverage here would help you with savings by ensuring special protection for your treasured collection. A smart classic car owner should always opt for specialist classic car coverage over a regular auto insurance policy as the former is a more adequate option. Below are the reasons for taking to classic auto insurance for your vintage steam.

Possible lower premium

This is one of the major factors to take to classic car insurance for your vintage car. Your antique car is usually taken out for special purposes and sensible car owners generally don’t use vintage wheels for everyday driving. The fewer miles it drives, the less likely the chances of collisions or claims borne out of them- and the insurers love it. Thus, you may enjoy much lower collision damage & liability premiums with classic auto insurance compared to regular car insurance which is for your primary, or every day, car.

Agreed value

Your classic auto insurance policy will allow you to set “agreed value” on the classic vehicle. It implies that in case there is a mishap, you would get the full payment and not depreciated value which is common with regular car insurance policies. It’s an important factor no doubt as most of the vintage cars are more than 20 years old & completely depreciated- that means “worthy of nothing or very little” for a regular car insurer.

Coverage for Pricey & rare replacement parts

Unfortunately, vintage cars call for rare replacement parts in the where parts are stolen or damaged and these parts are quite pricey. If you are guarded by the specialised classic auto insurance policy, your insurer would take care of all the expenses here.

Other benefits

Besides, some of the best classic auto insurance providers are even flexible to extend free of cost towing & roadside assistance to the car owners. It would include help with fuel refill or free change of tire in the middle of your outing.