Home Insurance

How can Insurance1.com help you with your home insurance?

If you are in the market for buildings or contents insurance then look no further than Insurance1.com. Our website makes the use of the Seopa Ltd powered comparison engine so that by filling in one simple form, you can search the market and be provided with the results from over 40 of the top UK insurers and brokers for your needs. All you need to do is fill in the form with information about yourself, your property, who lives there and a few details about the value of the items you own. At the end, the panel of insurance providers will provide you with their best quotes that you can buy, there and then.

Buy online or on the phone

The online portal provides a secure way to buy your home insurance with state of the art digital security methods. However,  some people prefer to use the phone and speak to a real life human being. Once you have run your comparison online, you will be able to buy your cover online or phone the insurance provider if you prefer. Most of the panel will send you your documents via email so you can store them safely online and access them when on the move.

Save time, save money!

Don’t waste time contacting various insurance providers yourself. By filling out the form, you will be able to see quotes and offers from over 40 home insurance specialists, saving you the time involved in searching and saving money by finding the cheapest quote straight away.

Regulated suppliers

All the insurance providers found on the forms are fully regulated and adhere to strict guidelines from the FCA so you can safe in the knowledge that you will be covered.

Types of Home Insurance

Not sure what type of insurance you need for your home? See our guide below.

Buildings Insurance If you buy a home, whether it’s a flat, house, bungalow or something in between, it’s usually the most expensive thing you own. Make sure it’s fully covered in case the worst was to happen. If you buy your home with a mortgage, it will usually be part of your terms and conditions that you have appropriate buildings cover in place for the property.

Contents Insurance A house in not a home without the things you put inside it. From fridges and washing machines to clocks, computers and beds – All of these things need protecting from perils such as fire and burglary as they may be expensive to replace. It’s important that you estimate the value to replace these items or you may be under-insured.

Buildings & Contents If you need cover for your home and your belongings then buildings and contents is best option for you. It’s easiest to buy as a joint product to keep the costs down and keep your renewal dates inline unless you have very specific needs such as high value items including arts and jewellery covered.

What does home insurance cover?

Each policy provider varies slightly but in general, home insurance covers against damage your building and/or its contents from perils such as fire, hail, lightning and sometimes flooding. In some areas, flooding is not covered. These areas tend to be at high risk of flooding i.e. next to a river or canal. Of course acts such as burglary and theft are also usually covered too. Some insurers will also offer the opportunity to cover your personal items outside of the home for a small additional fee which can be particularly handy if you take items such as laptops, jewellery and even some mobile phones that are below the cost to replace threshold out of the house on a regular basis.

The Claims Process

If you take a joint buildings and contents policy, you may find the claims process much easier than if you have two separate home insurance policies because in a joint policy, you will have one point of contact to fix and replace all damages to your building and contents.

Non-Standard Construction

Is your home of a non-standard construction? Maybe you built it yourself, maybe it has a thatched roof, or it may even have timber beams. Even though we are sure it looks fantastic, unfortunately, in the eyes of the insurers, it can be a higher risk than standard build properties. Timber frames and thatched roofs mean they are more likely to catch a fire, and will cost more to rebuild. If you have a self-build house it may not be as structurally sound as one made by the professionals. If you find that our insurers are unable to provide you with cover, you may be best looking for a specialist in this area.

High Value Home Insurance

If you live in a property that would cost over half a million pounds to rebuild, you may live in something which is considered high-value. Some of our suppliers will be able to provide you with a quote online however some may want to undertake a more comprehensive understanding of your property via a visit or telephone call before the policy is incepted.

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, you need to make sure you property is covered to ensure that all fixtures, fitting and structure are protected. If you rent your property with furniture too, look for contents cover as well. Some insurers will offer accidental damage and home emergency cover to help find assistance as soon as it’s needed. If you own a number of properties, some of our insurers will be able to add all your properties to one, simple policy.

Tenants Insurance

Much like contents insurance, tenants cover helps protect your belongings when it is in your rental property. It usually protects against risks such as flood or fire as well as theft from burglary.