Popular motorbike modifications

Wed Nov 03 2021

While it is true that not all modifications are beneficial, some are just for show, and some are just not needed or are even dangerous, such as hidden turn signals or oversized tyres. There are however, many modifications that can improve the performance or the look of your motorcycle and we will take a look at some of these modifications.


This may be one of the first things you turn to when you are looking at making modifications to your motorcycle. The majority of motorbikes will come with multi-purpose, generic tyres. This may be due to the fact that tyres can wear down so the manufacturers won’t invest a lot of money into them. It can be a complicated process when it comes to choosing new tyres for your bike, as there are many different types of motorcycles with different tyre needs. But if you get it right, choosing new tyres is the best way to upgrade your bike's handling. You should make sure that the tyres match the bike and your environment, matching the terrain and the weather conditions of where you live. 


If you really want to improve the performance of your motorcycle and you want the bike to respond to the rider you can get your suspension professionally adjusted. You should bear in mind that suspension on a bike and a car are significantly different and it is important to get your suspension set correctly based on your size and weight. Once you get your suspension professionally fitted the motorbikes handling, response and braking will improve massively. If you don’t want to get a full upgrade with a professional fitting you can make other adjustments like changing the springs to softer or stiffer ones. 

Air Filter

There are of course standard air filters that will already be fitted to your motorcycle, but you can purchase an upgraded air filter that can really improve the performance of your engine. A good air filter will help your exhaust system breathe which will allow the engine to perform better. A good air filter will also make your engine last longer. It isn’t just about upgrading your air filter, this is something you need to replace every so often anyway, as you should be replacing it every year or every 10,000 miles. 

Exhaust System

This may be on the more expensive side of modifications but it is one that many riders are excited about. A brand new, top of the range exhaust will look aesthetically pleasing but more importantly it could give your bike a personality by boasting a signature noise. Exhausts can be quite simple to fit and even a beginner could install most exhaust systems. 

Crash Bobbins

These can go by a few different names, you may have heard them referred to as ‘crash bobbins’, ‘crash bungs’ or ‘crash stoppers.’ Crash bobbins are supposed to bolt on the outside of your motorcycle. The reason for this is if your bike falls over on its side the bobbins should be the first thing that hits the floor, potentially taking away damage from the bike itself as the bobbins should take the hit. It does sound like a no-brainer to install these but there are potential downsides so you should weigh up if you want them installed. In relatively small crashes they can help make sure your bike receives very little to no damage, but on the other hand, in a big crash the bobbins can make the damage even worse, as they create the possibility of catching and flipping the bike. 

Tail Tidy

A tail tidy is exactly what you think it might be, they tidy up the back of the bike and can make it look more stylish. Using a tail tidy will mean the bike's number plate and lighting system will need to be repositioned, but it will give your bike a more sporty look. This modification is purely aesthetic but they are very popular. 

Radiator and Oil Cooler Protectors

This is another modification that has the purpose of protecting your bike from damage. Radiators are an expensive part of your bike, so it can be a good idea to use a protector, and why not have one that even improves the look of your bike. 

Heated Grips

Of course heated grips on your can help keep your hands warm when you are driving in the middle of winter. They can also be great at any time of the year if you are driving early in the morning or late at night. There are many motorcycle manufacturers that will offer heated grips as an option when you first buy your bike but they can be expensive.

Remember to disclose all modifications

It is vital to remember that if you do make any modifications to your bike that you need to make your insurer aware of them. Failure to do so can mean that your insurance would be deemed invalid if you were involved in an accident.