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Taxi Insurance

If you are a taxi driver, you need to ensure that you buy taxi insurance which is durable, competitive and takes care of you and your vehicle during emergency situations.

As a cab driver, you are likely to drive long and often odd hours in either intercity areas as well as the outskirts which could pose a high risk of emergency situations and accidents or even in rural settings, with fewer risks. You should compare insurance policies annually instead of simply renewing your existing insurance.

The level of insurance you require would depend on your individual circumstances, whether you need individual or fleet cover and the kind of vehicle you are looking to insure. You could opt for private or public hire insurance, based on the kind of business you are involved in. Insurance companies often perceive taxi drivers as high risks because of the nature of their job, therefore it is likely that the premium for Taxi insurance would cost more than your standard car insurance. That is why, at Insurance1, we think it is important to ensure that you find an insurance policy which fits your requirements.

Private and Public Hire Insurance

Private Hire Taxi Insurance can be perceived as a lower risk in comparison to public hire because these vehicles are pre-booked and do not bear the taxi display sign. However, since the vehicles are often older and the drivers sometimes younger, the premium might become higher based on these factors. Like all insurance, there are a number of factors that could affect your premiums, year on year.

London’s Black Cabs are typically viewed as a spcialist form of taxi policy by many insurers. Public hire taxis are hired by customers on the spot on the streets. These vehicles, often Hackney Carriages, display the taxi sign, and although they can be perceived as a higher risk the insurers can be favourable towards your public hire taxi if the vehicles are fairly new and the drivers are older.

Not every Taxi Insurance provider can offer both private as well as public taxi cover; therefore at we pair your needs with the insurance providers we work with.

What do I need to be an Uber driver?

Driving for Uber is the same as driving for any other private hire company. You have the same requirements such as Private Hire Taxi Insurance, your own vehicle and the right driving licence. When you apply to be an Uber driver, you need to provide proof of your insurance so it is important to check the level of cover they require drivers to have.

What levels of Taxi Insurance are available?

Like standard car insurance, levels of Taxi cover include Third Party Only (TPO) cover which will cover the damages caused to other people by your vehicle, Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) cover, which will cover damage to third party’s property as well as for fire and theft for your own vehicle and comprehensive policies, which is the highest form of car insurance which offers a plethora of coverage.

Types of Taxi Policy

We have compiled a list of considerations you might need to make before buying Taxi Insurance.

Named driver policy

You can opt for a Named driver policy if you solely drive your own taxi.

Any driver policy

This feature will cover multiple drivers, usually above the age of 25. Taxi Fleet owners can usually benefit by opting for this cover.

Public Liability Insurance

You are likely to opt for Public Liability Insurance to ensure that your insurer covers third party interests in the event of an emergency. It is not a legal requirement however, it can be viewed as a necessary precaution which needs to be taken by taxi owners.

Taxi Breakdown Cover

This feature might automatically be included in your Taxi Insurance cover however; it is advisable to find out the extent of the coverage and to seek insurance add-ons in case the basic coverage is not enough. You may want to consider this aspect of insurance as chances are that you might lose valuable fares if you were stuck unable to get your taxi back on the road.

insured taxi drivers

Things to Remember before you buy or change your Insurance

Taxi Insurance providers sometimes prefer to cover specific regions and more than often, some insurers exclude high risk areas such as Northern Ireland and London. We can help you find separate dedicated policies for these regions and you can compare prices to arrive at the right deal for yourself.

No Claims Bonus for Taxi drivers works in a similar way to that on standard Car Insurance policies. You are offered a bonus and a reduction in your premium if you do not make any claims against your policy.

You are required to declare every personal and vehicle detail your insurer asks while making the deal. In case you fail to disclose something and consequently make a claim later, it might lead to a refusal to make the payout and cancellation of the insurance if your vehicle is involved in an accident.

You can often look to reduce the premiums of your Insurance if you secure your taxi, ideally with a Thatcham 1 or 2 security device or any other ways as approved by your insurer.

Qualifying in the DVSA Driving test is yet another qualification which a Taxi Insurance Broker may require.

In case you use your vehicle for both personal and commercial purposes, you need to look for Taxi Insurance which will cover your social as well as business trips. Our insurance providers can help you with this!

There are lots of Insurance companies that offer Taxi policies along with numerous features. At, using our unique system, we can match you to the best ones for your needs.

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