Health Insurance

Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance?

You may think you don’t need health insurance cover or private medical insurance, but every year, many people are grateful that they invested in it.

Whilst we are lucky enough to have access to free healthcare from the NHS, many people choose to pay into a health insurance fund or private medical cover so they can opt to have private health care if they required it. We all need access to health care at some point in our lives so it makes sense to get the best treatment available.

Why use

We give you access to health insurance companies across the UK. They are all vetted and regulated by the FCA to ensure that they adhere to strict guidelines. You should feel assured that insurance available through the online comparison system is available at some of the best rates in the market.

Why buy health insurance?

Piece of mind – Know that you will be looked after quickly and dealt with by experts if you need access to healthcare.

Take control of your health – Knowing you have access to the high quality private health care, you are taking control of your own health and wellbeing and giving yourself access to the best available.

Access to the best treatments – We’ve all heard of the postcode lottery in the NHS and it’s incredibly sad but very true that some people may not have access the best treatments available for their ailments. Private care can often help you find these treatments.

Access to healthcare, fast – We all know about the waiting lists for certain procedures on the National Health Service, so being seen and treated quicker can be valuable to many.

Specialists – Access to specialists such as physiotherapists can take some time on the NHS, and having the option of seeking private care could be beneficial.

Who should buy health insurance?

Some people find that they have health insurance cover as part of their employment package at work, however those who don’t and are keen to ensure that they are covered for treatments that the NHS may not be able to provide should invest in health insurance.

What doesn’t it cover?

Health insurance often does not cover:

- pre-existing medical conditions
- pregnancy
- cosmetic surgery
- organ transplant
- chronic illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, HIV or AIDs

In many instances, mental health and sports or war injuries will not be covered by the policy.

Types of Policy

Individual policies – The most popular policy type is individual and helps you cover the cost of using private medical care.

Joint Policies – Joint policies don’t need to be expensive and can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing two individual policies. Provide cover for you and your partner for a monthly or annual fee.

Family policies – provide cover for your entire family including your children. Whilst this is often the most expensive cover, that is only because it covers more people.

Is it good value for money?

The answer to this question can only be answered by you. If you value access to private medical care and are able to pay a monthly or annual fee, then it is good value for money. However, policies tend to increase as you grow older as you may require more treatments for ailments associated with age.