Guide to buying a campervan

Tue Aug 03 2021

Guide to buying a campervan

If you are thinking of buying a campervan there are many things to consider first, whether you are an experienced campervan driver, or this is a whole new world to you. The first thing we advise before you go out and buy on is to make a list of requirements, or a game plan. There are so many different variations of campervans that you don’t want to end up with one that doesn’t fit your needs. Here are some basic things you should bear in mind before going campervan shopping;

  • Why are you buying a campervan?
  • How often will you use it? 
  • Where will you take it? 
  • Who is it for? 
  • What is your budget?

Why are you buying a campervan?

This is a very important question, and the most important. Are you buying a campervan as you want to take yourself away some weekends? Do you want to use it to enjoy your retirement? Or maybe you want one as a way to spend more time with your family. By answering this question first it makes answering the rest of the questions easier. You should then know exactly what it will be used for, how often you will use it and where you will take it.

How often will you use it?

Knowing how often you will use it, will help you with your decision on what kind of campervan to buy. If you know you will only use the campervan once every blue moon then you shouldn’t want to spend over the odds, maybe you just need a vehicle that is durable. Whereas if you plan to use it every week, maybe you could opt for a more luxurious campervan, to get your money's worth. If you do plan to use it a lot you also want a campervan with great fuel efficiency, a lighter vehicle would be great for this and would be ideal for frequent use. 

Where will you take it?

If you love great outdoor adventures and could possibly be driving in difficult terrain then you will need a vehicle that is reliable, you could even look at the most reliable vans, and see if you can find any that have been converted from van to campervan. If you will be driving on rough terrain you will know that this will add some natural wear and tear, so you should be looking for a campervan that doesn’t cost too much to maintain and service. 

Who is it for?

If you can establish who exactly is going to use the campervan it can narrow down your choices, as you will know exactly how many beds you need and how many seats. There would be no need to buy a campervan with multiple beds if only yourself, or you and a partner are going to use it. If on occasion you feel you may take away more family or friends then this would be a different story, but think carefully and realistically about who is going to use the campervan and it can help with your decision massively.

What is your budget?

If you have narrowed down your choices and you know that you need a durable, spacious and luxurious campervan, but you have a low budget, you may struggle. There are of course cheaper alternatives that may fit your budget, such as buying a used campervan or renting one. However you may find that your budget is perfect for the campervan you require, and narrowing your options down with the previous questions may have gone a long way to helping you figure this out. 

Buying a used campervan

If you have decided to go down the route of purchasing a used campervan, as well as your budget there are still things you should consider first;

The upkeep costs

There are many things to bear in mind as well as the cost of the vehicle itself. How much will you pay in fuel costs, maintenance and even campervan insurance. 

Camping accessories

Assuming you are using the campervan to travel and holiday, you should think about the costs of all the equipment you will need to do this. 

The age of the vehicle

In most circumstances, the newer the van the more expensive it will be. There is no right answer to this but you should know what you want before setting off to buy one. Some older models may have more character and history, but maybe you prefer modern. It's down to what you want and what you can afford. 

What would a campervan include?

All campervans are different so you should figure out what you need.  Are you happy with a very simplistic van or do you require more amenities, what you want or need could include some of the following; 

  • Kitchen space
  • Air conditioning or heating
  • Roof rack or bike rack
  • Lighting 
  • Sinks
  • Extra storage space
  • Fridge 
  • TV Aerial
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Seating area or tables

Campervan Insurance

Campervan insurance would be trickier to find than standard car insurance due to the many different variables and higher expenses. Insurance1 can help you find the right campervan insurance for you.